#XCD’s season was knocked off on Thursday 4th of February

#XCD’s season was knocked off on Thursday 4th of February #XCD’s season was knocked off on Thursday 4th of February #XCD’s season was knocked off on Thursday 4th of February

Place to be was Nagelmackers Kortrijk, Belgium. Here, the team presentation and cocktail inaugurated the year for Exceed. Guests were surprised by the powerful elegance of the new team bikes, delivered by Scott Belgium: the Scott Addict 15 as a road bike, and the Scott Plasma Premium as a time trial bike. No other bike looks as fast as the Plasma P5, and probably no other bike is as a fast. Our athletes will certainly prove this in the coming months.

Speaking of which, some new faces will strengthen #XCD.

Belgian athletes Joris Buyl and Brent Patteeuw are eager to prove themselves in their new environment and happily accept the next chapter in their search for a professional life as a triathlete.

Still young and promising ‘veterans’ Andrey Lyatskiy, Anton Blokhin and Sanne Swolfs will be battling for their familiar #XCD again.

Bert Verbeke, another (non professional) triathlete of the team was celebrated for his 2015 Ironman Hawaï performance.

All team members had the opportunity to show their newest equipment and gear. Salice, Running Center Brugge, Decca, Z3R0D, Scott were omnipresent and highly appreciated by both our team members as the amateurs and sports lovers.

Master of Ceremony and ‘mister triathlon Belgium’ Hans Cleemput, conducted the evening and gave manager Cardoen the opportunity to share his vision with the audience on triathlon in general and his own team in particular.

Ambitious as ever, #XCD will search for victories in important national and international races. Doing so by delivering high quality support for their members and young, promising athletes.

By giving them the opportunity to ride the best bikes, swim with the best materials, run with the best advice and race in the very best gear, #XCD believes that a difference cán be made!

A big 'thank you' to all who participated in making our event a success. It was a great day for #XCD and on behalf of the team we want to express our most appreciation for the help and support by Nagelmackers, Frank Vereecke Bakery Products and Flandrien.

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