Team winter training camp, Costa Blanca Spain

Team winter training camp, Costa Blanca Spain Team winter training camp, Costa Blanca Spain

New #XCD athletes Brent Patteeuw and Joris Buyl were presented to the fans and public on the 4th of February at the official 2016 #XCD kick off.

Just three days later, they joined two more familiar pro team members Andrey Lyatskiy and Sanne Swolfs in their first training camp of the year.

Together, they prepared the upcoming season in Benidorm, Spain. There are worse places to get to know your new team mates!

The atmosphere was superb and from the first day on, steady training was performed. After quite some walking, uphill with the heavy bike cases, our athletes reached the hotel. Our four guys went straight to the basement, where a serious gym and training pool is located.

After lunch there was even some time for reconnaissance of the area on the new team bikes. What a surprise that evening when the ‘sleeve prints’ were already visible after just one short ride. Not bad in winter…!

The next days: almost always an early morning swim before breakfast, followed by a relatively long bike ride. Some days pretty cold on the bike, but the reports of snow and bad weather in our home countries couldn’t be more welcome as a motivation!

The Scott Addict is definitely made for climbing and descending, for example on the beautiful roads surrounding Benidorm. ‘I’ve had the pleasure to ride multiple top bikes in the past, but I never felt so fast, comfortable, in control and safe on my bike. It’s a dream to ride!’ said a delighted Sanne Swolfs.

On the fourth day, Sanne Swolfs and Joris Buyl were surprised by a unpleasant and heavy showers at a height of almost 1.000 m. The rain seemed to turn into hain, and the descents became challenges for real daredevils. Back in the hotel, the ‘usual afternoon tea was even more rewarding than other days!

After a couple of days, fatigue started to hit our athletes. ‘Perhaps a little too fast uphill the first days?’ Probably yes, but hey, that’s what makes triathletes stronger, isn’t it??

Meanwhile, running training was performed alongside the beach, on the promenade or on the surrounding hills.

And very soon, the week was over. Joris and Brent had to get back to Belgium. Andrey continues his training camp in Spain, just a bit further eastwards where he joins Anton next weeks. Sanne stays a couple of days before returning home as well.

All of them a little more tanned, and without any doubt much stronger. Ready for 2016!

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