Swim, blow dry and sprint

Swim, blow dry and sprint

The 2016 racing schedule of #XCD looks very promising and focuses on Ironmans. First upcoming races will be in France, Spain and Brasil. However, start of the racing season was given in Belgium, home of #XCD!

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Our new athlete Joris Buyl suffered from a minor injury and had to cancel his sprint triathlon in ‘Herderen’. But one week later, on march 19th , Pro-Age-Grouper Brent Patteeuw was ready for the iconic Veloopzwem in sandy beach village ‘De Haan’. This race has been on the calendar since 1982 and is somewhat different from most ‘sprint triathlons’: Swimming is performed in the morning, biking and running in the afternoon. Start times then depend on the result of the swimming times.

The 34th edition welcomed 225 participants on Saturday morning for a 500 m indoor swim.  Our pro-age-grouper Brent Patteeuw lost 53" on the winner and found himself in a 37th position. All athletes start individual @ 15:00 h + their personal swimming time. Bike course counts 28 k, there’s a 8,7 k run to finish the day.

It was a sunny, but winterish cold day and firm winds blew from the North (Sea). 3 Laps drafting on the bike didn't decide the race. One leading bunch of 18 cyclists stormed to the final transition zone. Our guy wasn’t with them, he didn’t manage to close the gap on the bike and so he lost his potential spot on the podium.

His running performance was great, just one athlete managed to come back on the run: #XCD-athlete Brent Patteeuw rushed to the front group and finished in 8th postion (1h19'05").

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